About Deadshot Digital

QDSMoAMTYaZoXpcwBjsL__DSC0104-1Deadshot Digital’s main goal is to help businesses of all sizes find success on the Internet with proven Internet and digital marketing strategy across social media, mobile, email, SEO and SEM. Basically what that means, is we are an Internet marketing consultant, ready to help you navigate the ever-changing waters of the World Wide Web.

What are the benefits of working with Deadshot Digital? We have over 15 years of digital experience, stemming all the way back to the days before WordPress, Facebook, and Google.

What makes DSD different? We have experience managing budgets that would make most marketers blush, and experience working with little to no budget… but no matter how much money there was for campaigns there has been the same outcome… conversions and a healthy Return On Investment.

Where’s the proof? Our CEO/Founder/All Around Super Guy has sat on the Google Client Advisory Board, been a Professor at Miami University, and taken brands (large and small) and blown up their Internet communities to rebuild them to beĀ stronger and more profitable. He got his start working projects for a major university in the midwest and has been all go ever since.

Here at Deadshot Digital, we areĀ about helping small businesses find their own corner of the Internet and targeting (see what we did there… targeting… Deadshot… you get it) the right buyers, members or visitors for your business. We will always be transparent about our pricing, you will always have access to all of your website, analytics and various profiles around the web.

Are you ready to hit the mark?

Our Services

  • Search (Organic and Paid)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (Organic and Paid)
  • Website Optimization