Recently Twitter put on a webinar call #HitYourGoals with Twitter Ads talking about the new Twitter Ad types, and how Twitter client Hubspot is rocking it with the different ad types. The 5 main Twitter ad types: #GrowFollowers – Increase brand advocates and the reach of your message #DriveTraffic – Turn Twitter actions into website clicks and.. read more →

Is Native Advertising Ruining the Internet? Or Just Journalism? On this past week’s ‘Last Week Tonight’, the hilarious and surprisingly informative John Oliver had a segment on Native Advertising and it effect on the degradation of journalistic integrity. I found this clip very, VERY interesting as he went through all the reasons legit journalism sources should avoid.. read more →

SEO Myths: Busted Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Web Spam teams takes time out for a helpful video on debunking some common SEO myths and how rankings may or may NOT be effected by paid campaigns. So after the next 4:30-ish seconds of your life, when you hear someone at a conference or.. read more →

Miami University’s IMS 418 Spring 2014 class’s first assignment, created a helpful Vine video. Since they did so well, here are 10 videos under the categories: Most Helpful Vine, Best Produced Vine and Best Comedy Vine. Winner will receive a $10 Starbucks giftcard for their efforts. Most Helpful Vine Best Produced Vine Best Comedy Vine read more →

What’s the Truth About the State of Email Marketing? In the new world of Internet marketing, social media is the bright light around the web, the shiny new toy for marketers. As social media ROI grows past the accumulation of Likes, Followers and Circles to leads and sales are the stats adding up? Social Media.. read more →