Check out the 5 Twitter ad types to help grow your business

Recently Twitter put on a webinar call #HitYourGoals with Twitter Ads talking about the new Twitter Ad types, and how Twitter client Hubspot is rocking it with the different ad types.

The 5 main Twitter ad types:

  1. #GrowFollowers – Increase brand advocates and the reach of your message
  2. #DriveTraffic – Turn Twitter actions into website clicks and conversations
  3. #TweetEngagements – Reach more people and drive conversations on Twitter.
  4. #AppInstalls – Drive downloads and engagements for your mobile applications
  5. #LeadGen – Acquire new leads and drive sales on Twitter by collecting email addresses

#HitYourGoals with Twitter Ads

“Pair your goals to your current marketing objective”

Defining your goals: driving traffic to website, landing more leads, brand awareness, building an audience for communications or app downloads are all excellent goals, but before starting any paid advertising program you need to make sure you have clearly defined metrics, KPIs and end goals.

According to the webinar your customers are on Twitter, 60% of respondents say they made a purchase from an Small Business (SMB) based on something they saw on Twitter (when following a SMB).

The great part about the changes to the new slate of Twitter ads, especially for SMBs, there are no ad buy minimums but more importantly you only pay for the actual actions that happen in the ads, be it a follower gained, app downloaded or email address collected.

Here are some of the highlights from my notes on the webinar:

How to Measure Results

Twitter will show you cost per click (or what ever metric is associate with the ad type you choose) on campaign data, if you have the Twitter tracking pixel installed on your website you can track conversions. Data can the be exported as a downloadable .csv file to track leads in real time to keep track of and optimize bids for ads on the go.

New Tweet Activity Dashboard in the Ad UI for small and medium sized businesses, to see every tweet and what the engagement you are getting on each tweet. With Marketing Automation, you can look at what Twitter leads do on your website and what those leads do to become customers

Learn, Optimize, Repeat… – Take you data and turn them into actionable insights.
Track what works best and repeat the strategy and tactics to be able to keep high performing ads running

Always Follow Up! – Don’t let your new Twitter leads die on the vine.
Send a follow up email, then place them into the appropriate sales funnel, to make sure you continue the conversation with them and turn them from a lead to a customer (Hubspot will help you do this).

Twitter Ads seem to be a legit way to get some great returns for not a lot of money, and finally Twitter has a suite of ad types that allow advertisers more control at the right ROI.

Q&A Highlights:

How to use the Twitter Ads? Minimum Buys?
No minimum, just make sure to set goals and budgets so you can play your costs per action. How much are  you willing to pay for your action? Set daily budget and SMB sides have no minimums. Before putting any budget into any campaigns start small and test then scale up based on goals and measurement.

Can you reach all of our goals on Twitter?
According to Hubspot, yes. Set your metrics for success by ad type and then analyze based on results.

How do you measure your Twitter Ads?
You can measure the success of your campaigns by using the Twitter Ads dashboard. There you can review your Twitter content based on how your well it works. A great wet to test success is to set up an activity calendar (i.e. Monday’s behind the scenes, Tuesday’s industry news, Wednesday’s offer, .etc) to see what types of messaging works best on what days. You then have a great dashboard available to monitor organic and paid tweets. Visit to get access to the dashboard.

How to use imported Email Marketing Database in Twitter?
Upload email contacts to find contacts and followers on Twitter is a great way to use existing marketing lists, you then follow email subscribers with existing Twitter account so they know you follow them and then potentially follow back. By promoting to email, you use the specific audience tool so only they see the ads you are serving, Twitter takes the list and matches user account with email addresses.

Can your Twitter ads be targeted using GeoTargeting?
Yes, Twitter allows to go down to DMA or Zip Code targeting to segment users in your area, but Twitter wants you to make sure you reach is wide enough, but also set up campaign for customers outside of your traditional customers across counties (US, Can, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, South Africa, Israel – are the current countries with targeting features enabled).

Follow up with Twitter

If you have any questions about running Twitter adds go ahead and call 1-800-401-4096 to be connect with and talk to live reps at Twitter to get started today.