As technology continues to grow and become more accessible and affordable, I can’t help but wonder how brands will communicate with with consumers? Looking at the technology coming out, we are heading towards an even greater interactive experience. Look at what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S4, the phone literally knows when you are.. read more →

The keys to my success: In business just like life you need to surround yourself wit good and challenging people. In my professional life I spent a good chunk of time searching for the right mentor to help guide me through the murky waters of professional work, office politics, and my own strengths and weaknesses… read more →

In the world of digital marketing the best marketing comes from when you are able to be quick to the punch. Remember Oreo’s “Dunking in the Dark” Twitter post during the Superbowl blackout? They were able to tak a simple meme and do for the cost of a good social media team what about 20.. read more →

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