Playstation 4 at E3In the world of digital marketing the best marketing comes from when you are able to be quick to the punch. Remember Oreo’s “Dunking in the Dark” Twitter post during the Superbowl blackout? They were able to tak a simple meme and do for the cost of a good social media team what about 20 brands spent millions of dollars on with high (and some low brow) concept commercials.

Sony is the latest brand to hop on this trend of newsjacking a story. After it was announced that X-BoxOne users would be unable to share games easily with their friends, Sony decided to have a little fun at their expense. During their presentation at E3 this week they played this video to show how PlayStation 4 owners would need to go about sharing a game with friends.

No matter what you think about the moves Microsoft made with restrictions of the X-BoxOne, you have to give it to Sony for doing what most big brands are afraid of these days… having a sense of humor.


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