For Lowe’s Six Seconds is More Than Enough Time

additionslowesWhen it comes to home improvement for the non-professional (and by that I mean homeowners, non-contractors and the like), Lowe’s Home Improvement does a great job inside and out of the store with pushing new decorating, gardening and home improvement ideas. In a time where big box stores seem to be struggling to keep up with online retailers, Lowe’s has made a move to create a digital/social branded and yet product agnostic series of videos on Vine┬ácalled #LowesFixinSix.

These videos are helpful tips and tricks for dealing with annoyances like how to deal with your trash bags when they get “sucked” into the can, or just exactly how versatile rubber bands really are outside of keeping posters rolled. They even show some tips that you would think are common sense, but the comments and replies show differently.

So you’re probably asking, what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is how well Lowe’s understands their customers. Rather than simply pushing Lowe’s branded tools and and supplies they are creating value and utility. They have made Vine the channel to help them teach. Let’s be honest, I know when I walk into Lowe’s (my preferred home improvement store) I typically feel pretty over whelmed and I’m there because something has either gone wrong with or I don’t have the right supplies for my project. So when a company puts out the effort to share tips and hacks that help, how could you not want to go visit that store for your home improvement, lawn & garden or decorating needs?

Here is just a small sample of some of the great Vines from Lowes:

How to deal with a stripped screw

What to do when that pesky trash bag get’s stuck

Staying clean in a sticky situation


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