What’s the Truth About the State of Email Marketing?

In the new world of Internet marketing, social media is the bright light around the web, the shiny new toy for marketers. As social media ROI grows past the accumulation of Likes, Followers and Circles to leads and sales are the stats adding up? Social Media has proven to be a great tool for reach and messaging, but email is still winning when it comes to conversion and sales.

Take for instance, did you know that email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined? That’s a whopping 2.9 billion. And keep in mind with Email, it offers a level of personalization that Facebook and Twitter are still catching up on. When it comes to email you are working off data and lists complied from your networks and website, without the worry about APIs, Social Networks or finicky social networks who have decided they want to see you the data on who is in your community.

In this great infographic from Marketo take a look at how email has evolved over the years and understand how it can work for you.

Email Marketing Inforgraphic


Brian Tudor is the CEO and Founder of Deadshot Digital, he has been marketing websites since the Internet was a fad. During his time in the digital world, he has worked on everything from managing Geocities communities to running digital marketing for national brands. Brian's passion for the web and how it can help brands, businesses, and individuals is matched by few in the space.