Kittens and Bacon Win the Internet

Who doesn’t love cats and bacon? If you are looking to get some quick likes and comments, bacon or cats seem to be two of the best ways to get there. But if we are looking at what makes your social media plan more engaging it has to be about more. When it comes to capitalizing on bacon on the Interwebs the undisputed champion of the YouTube has to be Epic Meal Time. Of course when it comes to cats we all know about all the great memes online that make us laugh and click thru to see what is on the other side that link. So next time you have something cool you want to share, think about how you can cleverly work in a cat or some bacon or a cat eating some bacon and see what happens.

What do cats and bacon own the internet... an infographic

Source: MarketingProfs


Brian Tudor is the CEO and Founder of Deadshot Digital, he has been marketing websites since the Internet was a fad. During his time in the digital world, he has worked on everything from managing Geocities communities to running digital marketing for national brands. Brian's passion for the web and how it can help brands, businesses, and individuals is matched by few in the space.