Reasons to Make the Jump to Google+ Now….
20 of Them!

As social media continues to grow and new networks continue to pop up we will continually be inundated with new places to share our pictures, videos, thoughts and products. Where Facebook is the undisputed king of social media at the moment, Google+ is primed to make a run at the title. As marketers it is important to decide if the demographic of the growing Google+ audience is a group you want to include in you mix.

One of the most interesting stats in the infographic below is the split of men vs. women. There are not a lot of male dominated social sites, so that automatically makes Google+ a place to have your message. Now keep in mind Facebook audience is still 8 times larger than Google+, but the way the network is growing and they way Google is integrating the network with the rest of their products (cough, cough Places) and search they are putting Google+ in a position to become an integral part of your marketing mix.

So while Google+ is not the social juggernaut that Facebook is, it has the functionality and tools necessary to continue to eat away at Facebook’s market share. It is important to remember Google is the owner of the top TWO search engines on the interwebs (Google and YouTube), so unless Facebook all of a sudden starts sending people to other sites or Facebook users stop getting twitchy when they are taken away from the warm embrace of the Zuckerberg, I can all image how big Google+ can become. Let’s not forget Google’s mobile experience (aka the future of the interwebs) blows Facebook’s iOS and Android apps out of the water.

Love it or hate it what are you thoughts on Google+ and where it is going in the future.

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Why to Switch to Google+ Infographic